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Mediomed is a company that is a specialized designer and manufacturer of surgical instruments, barber kits, grooming sets, and fashion products. We keep a promise of developing and marketing modern fashion, grooming, and medical solutions. Our state-of-the-art hygiene methods and materials are expected to set new benchmarks in the modern solutions market.

We aim to set high standards in surgical instruments and fashion products with the quality specified and corrosion-resistant materials that are properly manufactured and heat-treated before distribution.


At Mediomed, Innovation is a core competency. We built a foundation of surgical instruments manufacturing in Pakistan and now we aim to take our high-quality services abroad with full enthusiasm and the same amazingly creative approach.

Our services started from traditional manufacturing processes and they have ranged from sterilized material to easy-to-use and portable kits which are always in the best hygienic form.

We at Mediomed realize how responsible we should be in the act of manufacturing such products that groom and save lives. We play our part in accordance with all the safety standards and aim to maintain responsible behavior so that our customers can fully enjoy our services.




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When it comes to picking a material to be used in the medicinal field there are numerous factors to consider because picking the inappropriate material can have severe repercussions on human health. Mediomed practices all kinds of measures to ensure the safety of its customers.

Metals used in medical instruments must meet strict hygienic and manufacturing standards. The metal must be bendable enough to be molded without incurring problems, but not too flexible because it must retain its structure once constructed. It requires special heat treatment which makes it stronger and safe from germs. The metal exterior must be strong and have a matte texture so that they are easy to clean and do not collect bacteria, hence decreasing the spread of contamination. We at Mediomed believe that every safety measure should be followed in order for the alloys to be healthy and safe.

The alloy must be passive to the human body so that it does not infect when applied inside the body during operation. When it comes to design and performance criteria, only a small number of metals are acceptable for medical equipment and Mediomed is extremely cautious in this case. When it comes to healthcare equipment, not all metals, particularly base metals, are significantly inadequate for the task. All metals must give a high grade of resistance to corrosion. Metal oxides are used to make the majority of medical equipment. Stainless steel has always been the favored metal alloy, but there are substitutes when they are essential. When subjected to the body or biological fluids, biodegradable materials are in high demand because they do not produce toxins in the body.

The most common metals used for surgical instruments are:

Stainless steel





Many surgical tools such as scalpels, forceps, and scissors are long and thin so the material used in them may also need to be relatively malleable, depending on the instrument. During the sanitizing process, surgical tools are heat treated with extreme temperatures. The materials at Mediomed are also sterilized before turning them into tools. We sanitize the material in superheated liquid at a temperature of at least 121 degrees Celsius for at least 30 minutes to maintain the safety measures and standards.


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How industries with medical equipments got effected by

Contagiousness this year has resulted in profit for some people and for some loss of lives from their beloveds. Where as covid 19 separated us apart somehow bought us together aswell.kids who used to ignore mothers and husbands who didn’t had time for their families did work from home, And along with all the above emotional factors it benefited industries having concern with medical equipments.Corona which is lethal nowadays has made humans cautious towards their cleanliness and healthy life style by making them use stuff ,plates ,glasses, spoons,towels separately and in hospitals each person different kit is used and never required to use the same one again so it benefacted industries with portable kits because people are scared that they’ll get infection of the other people like covid, HIV ,aids and hepatitis.The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has come about in over 4.5 million affirmed cases and more than 300,000 passings. The effect of COVID-19 on careful practice is far and wide, going from labor force and personnel shortages, procedural prioritization, viral transmission hazard intraoperatively, changes to perioperative practice and methods of working close by the effect on careful schooling and preparing.
While there has been a developing writing base portraying the early clinical course of COVID-19 and on parts of basic consideration identified with treating these patients, there has been a lack of proof on what this pandemic will mean for careful practice.The effect of COVID 19 on the PPE has uncovered the ineptness of ventures to oblige a remarkable interest flood. In light of WHO’s disinfection rules and the prerequisite from medical care experts going to the tainted patients, a scope of individual defensive hardware like sanitizers, clinical veils, gloves, ventilators are winding up in a real predicament of their storehouses. This apparent occasion of inventory network disturbance of careful packs in the market is deteriorating with the unbending nature of government arrangements relating to the import and fares of fundamental clinical segments. Requiring of import duties and fare limitations are adding to the inventory emergency in this market in the wake of the effect of COVID 19.
Barbar kits industries have profit of millions because of covid 19 precautions that from kids to students and elders to old age got their new ones separately and some even used each barbar kits just once a while and threw it away after using for once.I must say where covid has its disadvantages it also has advantages hidden in it for industries who deal with medical equipments.

Covid 19 effectiveness over our life

Covid 19 (corona virus) is a viral and highly contagious disease as it spreads easily from one person to another through any kind of human interaction.its a disease which uprooted from china and then unfortunately got spread all over the world

This was taken as a influenza viral infection but later on discovered that this disease is something else and was named as corona virus whose no vaccine is produced or yet made nor we can predict that in future we will have our hands on its vaccine. The very first symptoms include flu, cough, fever which gradually rises to high temperature and then attacks our lungs as pneumonia and after that we cannot survive as it’s the last stage. There are precautions assigned for us to follow that to use hand sanitizers ,disinfectants for our houses, washing hands up to 60 seconds again and again as this virus gets on our hands then into our mouth and we become the carrier of this disease. There are two kind of carriers one is a carrier with symptoms and the other is silent carrier who shows no symptoms and people around him and he himself is unaware of this so that’s why social distancing is the focal point of corona virus and it helps us from spreading it. Isolation is for those who get its mild symptoms at home along with some directions but the patients who have got the worsen state should immediately see the doctor as he would even infect all his family members. Its some precautions for common men includes taking steam again and again ,taking bath after coming from outside, wearing mask while going out for grocery, using sanitizer having alcohol in it as it makes difficult for germs to stay on your hands and wear gloves which can be thrown after use. The new term quarantine is introduced to us after covid 19 which means to stay away ,locked up in our homes in the state of isolation and this is the only way or we can say till now isolation is the only medicine developed for to stop corona virus. We humans are so stubborn we do not listen to what has revealed to us through Islam that cleanliness is the part of Islam yet we never gave such importance to it as after covid 19 we are doing cleaning of ourselves along with our environment in which we live. But as we know Allah almighty has its own ways to teach his mankind a lesson so corona virus played such role. At the time corona is parting people away it is also bringing some relations ,relatives closer to us. This distance have made us feel that in normal life we do not invite us, ask each other for help ,or have gatherings but covid 19 has aroused it in our hearts that we should see our relatives often as life is not promised to us.so now we more often on daily basis video call and plan what we will do after this lockdown is over.

This time we understood that material is nothing and the only important thing is the life which is granted to us as we can earn what is lost in this world beside the life. The last thing which we do for our loved one is funeral but this time due to this disease we cannot see the face last time and we don’t even know where is the graveyard of them as hospital member bury them. The same way hospitals are working on their surgical equipment’s sterilization because if they will not do so this fatal disease would vanish the population of this little world.

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Most frequent questions and answers

All decontamination and sterilization procedures should be followed after the cleanup. Cleaning is the technique of removing contaminants from equipment. If apparent debris is not cleared, microbial activity may be affected, and the decontamination or sterilization process may be endangered. It is risky to not thoroughly clean the instruments.

Initially, remove any covering caps or foils along with the packaging. New instruments should go through the entire purification cycle to avoid making contact with older instruments or instruments that may already be rusted.

Our advice is to go through the practice at least twice. New instruments added to sets with corroded instrumentation are more likely to deteriorate quickly until subjected to lateral is produced.

New instruments are sensitive to poor water quality, which is required in both the cleaning process and the final rinse. The insufficient drying, improper maintenance, and the disinfection units’ heat quality will rust the metals if not carefully monitored because remnants from packing materials could produce stains/deposits during sterilization, the cleaning phase is quite necessary. After cleaning, check to see if the tools appear to be spotless. Because the passive layer on the instrument is relatively thinner, new instruments are more susceptible to critical different treatments than older instrumentation.

Corrosion can be caused by the presence of blood and soil in container locks, ratchets, chamfers, and closures, among other things. Cleaning should be done with much more care. Corrosion can occur if there is too much dampness on the object’s surface.

Blood, iodine, potassium chloride, and other substances pit when equipment is exposed to saline solutions. Instruments should be completely cleaned after being exposed. Pitting has also been linked to instrument cleaning solutions with a high pH level (B-9).

Preheat the autoclave and thoroughly dry. Invasive debris formed in the autoclave might cause equipment discoloration and corrosion. The autoclave’s inside parts should be cleaned on a daily basis. To remove any particles, wipe them off with acetic acid.  After cleaning, rinse the instruments carefully.

After pitting or rust has eroded the hard surface of an instrument, it is impossible to completely recover it because a pitted item is significantly more prone to further corrosion, it should be replaced right away.

For optimum instrument care and handling, the water used during reprocessing must be of high quality.

Cleaners and other treatment chemicals dissolve in water, which then transmits mechanical forces and heat to the surface. It dissolves soluble dirt and pollutants, as well as cleaning and treatment solutions, and flushes them away. Water with an unfavorable composition can have a negative impact on the treatment process as well as the look of instruments and materials. This is why the water quality used in decontamination cycles is so important.

Dissolved salts are present in all types of natural water, with amounts varying depending on the supply and filtration methods utilized.

Freshwater can build a hard layer (lime deposits, scale) that is difficult to dissolve relying on the hardness, temperature, and salinity of the air. Corrosion can also happen underneath these deposits.



Alkalinity in softened water can increase sharply as a result of temperature and exposure. Aluminum surfaces may be susceptible to attack, especially if thermal cleaning is utilized in the cleaning solution.

Aside from its organic substances, drinking water may contain rust, which is usually filtered from rusted pipes. This rust tends to stick to instruments during the processing cycle, resulting in rust spots (extraneous rust) and eventual damage.

The use of totally demineralized water in the final rinse is suggested not only for the reasons stated above (i.e., to prevent chloride de-induced corrosion), but also to maintain the instrument surfaces free of spots and discolorations, as well as to stabilize chrome plating surfaces.

Particles can be cleaned from an instrument by scrubbing it conventionally with a solvent or detergent and water, or by utilizing specialized processes (e.g., ultrasonic cleaner, washer-disinfector) and antimicrobial pollutants. Instruments should be washed with water after cleaning to remove any chemical or detergent residue. Splashing should be avoided when rinsing and cleaning. Cleaning methods and tools must be chosen based on their effectiveness, compatibility with the items to be cleaned, and the occupational health and exposure concerns they offer because instruments cleaned with chemicals do not need to be presoaked or scrubbed. This can improve cleaning and effectiveness. Thus, using automated equipment can be more efficient and safer.